Clear Image Singles® Ultrasound Scanning Gel

Clear Image Singles Gel single patient packets

Clear Image Singles® Gel packets are non-sterile, single patient packets of clear ultrasound scanning gel. The packets are specifically designed to help reduce the possibility of cross-contamination associated with reusing and refilling gel bottles.

  • For diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound procedures.
  • Provides optimal sound velocity and acoustic impedance.
  • Two packet sizes allow the user to dispense the preferred amount of gel with minimal effort and waste.
  • Water-based, water-soluble formula is clear and non-staining.
  • Non-sterile, for external use only. Not for use in electromedical procedures.
  • Bacteriostatic.
  • Expiration date now appears on each individual packet.
  • Made in USA.
  • Now available in STERILE
  • .

Easy to Use - Simply tear along the edge of the packet, squeeze through the "dispensing spout" and apply the gel.
Virtually Bubble-Free - Manufactured utilizing a proprietary method to minimize the presence of air bubbles for improved image clarity.
Skin-Friendly - Contains no irritating dyes, perfumes, parabens or surfactants.
Transducer-Friendly - Does not contain oils, alcohol, silicones, fragrance or other ingredients known to harm transducers.
Patient-Friendly - Can be warmed in standard gel warmers, although we recommend monitoring gel temperature before applying to a patient's skin.
Economical - Packets empty easily, eliminating gel waste. The 30mL packet contains 1/3 more gel than competitive packets.
Proven – Clear Image Singles Gel is the original single patient gel. Approved by major diagnostic ultrasound equipment manufacturers.
Bottled Gel Alternative - Read more.

Clear Image Singles Gel is available in two formulations:

  • High viscosity gel is not runny; often used for vascular and echocardiography applications.
  • LITE medium viscosity gel is 40% less viscous than high viscosity gel; often used for abdominal and OB/GYN applications.


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