COMBI® Disposable Laryngoscope Sets

COMBI Pre-Assembled Disposable Laryngoscope Sets

PROACT COMBI® Disposable Laryngoscopes are an all-in-one set with batteries and a permanently attached blade and handle. The COMBI provides unparalleled reliability and performance while saving the user time because it removes the challenges of cleaning and managing separate laryngoscope blades and handles. Each unit can be tested while inside its packaging for peace of mind.

  • Blade and handle are completely assembled
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • Long battery life with more than 5 hours continuous illumination
  • Strong Metal Max™ blade with steel through the hook-on for maximum strength
  • Fully metal handle
  • Reliable and dependable. Test-in-bag capability allows user to verify device is ready for use.
  • Full range of sizes including Macintosh, Miller, Lever Tip and the unique Cardiff PRO blade

COMBI® - all in one laryngoscope set with a permanently attached handle to blade and a preloaded battery pack.