Can I use an ultrasound gel substitute?

A quick search on Google will uncover a host of articles and blog posts about common household items that can serve as a substitute for ultrasound scanning gel. Hand sanitizer, baby oil, hand lotion and vegetable oil are some of the frequently mentioned alternatives, particularly for home fetal monitoring. While these items may be handy when nothing else is available, a high quality ultrasound scanning gel remains the best protocol for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound procedures.

What is the impact of air bubbles in ultrasound gel?

During a diagnostic ultrasound procedure, the presence of air in the path of sound waves is undesirable. Air acts as a sound barrier resulting in poorer resolution of the image.1 When air pockets are present during an ultrasound procedure, sound waves can be blocked from passing into the body.2 Eliminating air between the transducer and the patient’s skin allows for better imaging.3

What is the difference between Clear Image® Gel and Clear Image Singles® Gel?

Clear Image® Gel is packaged in traditional 8 ounce bottles and 5 Liter containers. Clear Image Singles® Gel is packaged in individual, single unit dose packets of gel to help prevent cross-contamination. Both are available in high viscosity and medium (LITE) viscosity versions.

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